Release notes xxter update 4.1.0

Harm Elzinga
Harm Elzinga Administrator
18 March aangepast in Release notes - xxter

Release notes xxter update 4.1.0

Secure remote ETS programming

We are happy to announce the new feature: "secure remote ETS programming".

This can be used to remotely program the KNX bus with ETS using xxter over the connect-service. This requires the professional user to have a xxter pro license.

This feature requires the latest firmware, a xxter Pro license and the xxter Pro connect helper app for Windows. (

To use this feature, it must be enabled on the device on the basic settings page and the KNX protocol settings must be set to Core V2, since Core V1 is not supported with this service. We strongly advise you to use KNXnet/IP Secure.

Next, start the helper app, and login using your professional account. You will see a list of all your devices and which support this service. Click the KNX button to make a connection to the device selected.

Next, in ETS in the KNXnet/IP settings, use "localhost" as hostname/IP address, instead of the IP-address of the actual device.

Other changes in this release:

  • Connect service stability enhancements
  • Human Centric Lighting logic block and color temperature converter logic block.
  • Problem solved in the KNXnet/IP tunnel connector
  • Connection time for app improvement when using with the new app versions.
  • Smart Energy manager now supports time based tariffs in addition to the spot prices, when net-tariffs might differ based on time
  • Smart Energy manager now supports 1 or 2 peak tariffs in addition to the low/high tariff option
  • There are two new triggers available: price negative and price positive. (For example to reduce solar production with negative pricing)
  • Several bugfixes for network commands, IR commands, snapshots and the app connection
  • New option to support LUA Socket and Secure library. You need to enable this on the device page of, before you can use these libraries.
  • New bootloader, you will now see quick flashing of the OK LED, to indicate the device is booting (first stage)
  • New kernel and updated libraries
  • New authentation procedure, no more need to update username / password on the device if you change them on
  • New reset options:
    • R1/RESET short press (< 0.5 sec) = reboot
    • R1/RESET medium press (1 to 3 sec) = network reset only
    • R1/RESET long press (5+ sec) = factory reset
  • KNXnet/IP improvements: DCA plugins should now work as well over the connect service as well as directly with KNX core version 2.
  • Bugfixes in general in the xxter firmware