version 1.1.15


I've just updated my device to the newest version 1.1.15 and now the device doesn't work properly.
It is conected (and ckecked) to the internet and to the KNX bus, but when I want to "Load configuration" the webpage shows the message:

Synchronizing configuration failed

Error during synchronizing configuration.
Error message: Could not find your device. (404)

Thanks for an answer.


  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    July 2018 aangepast
    Hi Domingo,

    The error message "Could not find your device (404)" indicates that the connection to our server cannot be made, or perhaps an incomplete registration?
    As far as we know the 1.1.15 update does not cause this issue as it has been thoroughly tested.

    Could you contact the xxter support department, they can help you to resolve this issue.
    +31 20 218 4202

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Freek-Jan

    Thank you for your e-mail.
    With the previous version I don't need "End User" account to "Load configuration" and the devices were installed in our offices, so any customer didn't have access to our "Professional" account.
    But now "End User" is necessary. The Pairot works properly.

  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    Hi Domingo,

    Good to hear it works!
  • BTW, any release notes for that version 1.1.15 ?
  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    December 2018 aangepast
    I posted the release notes on the Forum.

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