Which ui control for direct shutter positioning

Ivo JanschIvo Jansch Gebruiker, Specialist
March 2019 aangepast in Profiel algemeen
We have zennio maxinbox shutter controllers. Up and down control works fine. The unit also supports direct positioning (sending a 1 to an address sets the shutter in for example ‘half open’). It can remember 2 positions per shutter.

What is the best way to add controls in a profile for the end user so that the end user has an easy way to activate the specific positions? I don’t know if this is a common feature for other shutter actuators but if so, maybe a specific control could be created for it?


  • Harm ElzingaHarm Elzinga xxter medewerker
    Good morning Ivo,

    There are several options you can use. You could use a "send value" option as a page element, or for example a button row. A button row button, can be used to send a specific value as well. Use the "send value" components in the project section to accomplice this.
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