Integration with LIFX lamps ?

Anders Kuntsel Gebruiker, Specialist
Dear Forum!
Have anyone integrated LIFX lamps in xxter ? if so how did you do?
Thanks in advance


  • Harm ElzingaHarm Elzinga xxter medewerker
    Hi! Thank you for your suggestion, I do not think this is possible at the moment (having taken a look at the API documentation) but we will put this on our "wishlist" for sure!
  • Anders Kuntsel Gebruiker, Specialist
    Hi Harm, ok, that's was my worries as well. I like the lamps, works flawlessly and on the plus side is that you don't need a specific hub/bridge as the Philips Hue system. If you have time over, please consider :-)
    Xxter is a fantastic product!! All the best from Sweden!
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