Lots of Telegrams - Blinds control

I've got a Pairot working with APP HomeKit and I've could see that there are lots of telegrams in the KNX bus when you try to move blinds.
The problem is that the Pairot is always asking (read telegram) to the blind actuator the current possition.
In KNX normally the blind actuator only sends the possition telegram when the movement is stopped and if some device ask possition, the actuator always will send the same value. So all of those telegrams are not neccesary and if you ask an order to move three or more blinds, you will check that the KNX bus is very bussy.
I would like to attach a screenshot with the example, but the website doesn't let me it.
Thanks for your information.


  • Harm ElzingaHarm Elzinga xxter medewerker
    Hi Domingo,

    First I removed the other discussion which was identical, to prevent two discussions about the same topic. Next we were aware of this problem and are working on a solution. If you have the latest beta-firmware installed, this should be resolved. So if you do not already have the beta-firmware and would like to try this solution, please contact our support department (support@xxter.com).

    Hopefully the update would take too long to make available for everyone.
  • Still seing this with 1.3...
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