Release notes 3.1 - xxter

Release notes xxter update 3.1

This is the first update which is only available for the Hx02 devices.

Important information
Because the data model has changed as well in the firmware, the device needs to reload the configuration from the server after updating the firmware. This should happen automatically after the firmware update. Please be patient after the first reboot, and wait about 2 minutes after reboot, to have the device update the configuration and add the missing parts from the server.

  • • New firmware core. The core of the firmware has been completely rewritten, including the data models.
  • • Complete integration with the KNX tool software from BEMI. (See below)
  • • New project V2: on my.xxter a new project version is available with several improvements, see explanation below.
  • • The xxter can now function as a KNX router.
  • • Support for KNX IP secure: for KNX tunnel access as well as the new KNX routing functionality. A password can be set for the KNXnet/IP tunnels when IP secure is enabled.
  • • Support for blinds with position control, slats/tilt etc. (requires a V2 project)
  • • Support for dimmers with color temperature (requires a V2 project)
  • • Support for several new KNX DPT’s for RGB control
  • • Support for a new thermostat control, without using the internal RTC module.
  • • New option (under preferences) to enter screen cleaning mode in the app.
  • • Improved user flow when using the QR codes of the xxterBnB / xxter Hotel solutions.
  • • Executing large scenes will be handled differently: we differentiate between user initiated scenes and automated initiated scenes. When the user starts the scene (from the app or by a KNX button for example), there will be no difference compared to the previous firmware versions. When the scene is started from an automation (script, schedule e.g.) the components in the scene will be process in batches of 10, which a pause in between. This to prevent problems on busy KNX busses to assure all components can always be executed.
  • • Several online improvements, including better validation of camera settings.
  • • Improvement of local device backups, and loading local backup data when the main configuration cannot be loaded.
  • • Hue groups bug fix
  • • RTC fix for saving the changed comfort temperature to flash.
  • • Doorbird trigger improvement
  • • SecureAPI has been updated (only for specific projects)
  • • several bugfixes.

Some of the above changes are highlighted below, with additional information:

BEMI KNX tool integration
We have started a collaboration with BEMI in Finland, to make the programming of KNX and xxter even easier and better!
When using the KNX Design and Planning Tool ( with xxter, in addition to all the BEMI functionality, you have the following extra options:
  • • create xxter projects and profiles based on the KNX tool project.
  • • synchronize your xxter project and profile with the KNX tool project.
This will automatically create rooms, components (including all group addresses), pages, set up default icons (for example for sockets) and save you valuable time!
An separate manual is available on our documentation page:

Project V2
There is a new project version available for the components in the project:

Project version 2, only has changes in the components page of the project.
There are three components which are changed:
  • • For every element, the corresponding DPT is shown
  • • Dimmer
    Instead of a two separate components (one for switching and one for dimming) these can now be set up in one component.
    Also there is an option for color temperature for example for some DALI lights.
  • • Blinds
    Same as for the dimmer, now all group addresses can be entered in one element, and it also has several new options (position and tilt control)
  • • RGB
    Several new DPT’s are supported now, for example RGB in one telegram, or XY support for DALI.
There is one component which is deprecated now: shift (now part of the new thermostat element)
There is one new component:
  • • Thermostat
    A thermostat uses the same control element in the app as the RTC element, but uses some standard objects to set / get the corresponding values. This element can be used in combination with many brands of thermostat controllers.
Project v2 can only be used with the 3.1 firmware.

KNX IP Secure
The xxter now support KNX IP secure for the tunnel connections, this allows safe programming of KNX devices and monitoring remotely.
Also there are several other new KNX settings on the protocol settings page, for example to set a password for the KNX IP Secure tunnel connections.
The tunnel connections now use different physical addresses as well, and do not share the physical address of xxter anymore.

KNX router
The xxter can now be used as a KNX IP router. The router settings can be found under KNX on the protocol settings page of the device.
Several standard filter options are available as well as custom filter options: for example you can select for the IP to TP (twisted pair) the “pass all through except” option and enter manually several group addresses to block (or vice versa): 1/0/*, 4/*/* will in this case filter all group addresses which start with 1/0/… or 4/…

The updated KNX module is also compatible with the new ETS6.


  • If you are planning to update to version 3.1 and when you use the xxter as a programming tunnel for ETS, make sure to check your port forwarding settings of port 3671. Set this to TCP/UDP. The new way of connecting to ETS uses TCP instead of UDP.
    We strongly advise to use IP secure when programming with ETS remotely through port-forwarding, and use a password on the connection. You can setup these at the protocol page of your xxter after updating to firmware 3.1
  • Erwin SoetendaalErwin Soetendaal Gebruiker, Specialist
    Is er een optie om een bestaand project te upgraden naar V2?
  • Erwin SoetendaalErwin Soetendaal Gebruiker, Specialist

    Is er een optie om een bestaand project te upgraden naar V2?

    Heb het gevonden, naast de knop om naar pairot te converteren...
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