Release notes xxter update 4.0.0

Release notes xxter update 4.0.0

Two new main features
• Smart Energy Manager
• Dynamic Elements

Smart Energy Manager
With the Smart Energy Manager of xxter, you can optimize your power consumption to be more self-sufficient and lower your energy bill. You can use xxter to schedule and balance your energy endpoints (devices that consume energy), based on the available power, current pricing conditions and your power needs.

The xxter Smart Energy Manager, combines all available data, to manage your energy more smart. For example it uses weather forecast information to predict the production of your solar panels, it can use spot prices to schedule smart charging of your car, and much more.

More information can be found in the Smart Energy Manager manual, which is available on the documentation page.

Dynamic Elements
You can now for most elements select if the element is always displayed, or only under certain conditions. Or you can disable the element based on the status of a component. This allows you to, for example, hide elements when the alarm is turned on, or only show certain error messages (text elements) when a device is in error state.

Other changes:
  1. • New option for dimmers, to disable "tap" for on/off
  2. • New LUA function: xxter.getusername(). This function returns the username of the user which triggered the script to start (when available)
  3. • RTSP streams are now change default to connect to TCP. If you have an UDP RTSP stream, you can select this in the camera settings. This should improve connecting times for RTSP streams.
  4. • OCPP car charger support for RFID tags
  5. • You can now copy an element on a page to the same page, or to another page. This will copy all settings of the element.
  6. • Online you can now see which devices have KNX recorder telegrams available. Go to your devices list. Grey icon means telegrams available, blue icon means recent telegrams available).
  7. • You can now select a preferred design for your profile, when the profile is loaded for the first into the app, the app will automatically select this design.
  8. • Web interface of the device now automatically returns to the login screen when you are logged out.
  9. • iOS: The scenes and pages available in the "Shortcuts" app are now published based on your latest selection in the xxter app. So if you want to use a scene in the shortcut app, call it first in the xxter app, and next go to the shortcut app, where it should then be available.
  10. • You can now upload statistics to the my.xxter cloud and download them as CSV to process further if you want. This requires or a xxter connect subscription, or a BREEAM license.
  11. • RTC object status values can now be read by a KNX read telegram, it will respond with the current value. (For most objects this is now the case, to enable this, edit existing RTC's in once and reload the project into your xxter)
  12. • Date / time telegram with DPT 19.001 is now supported (generic project settings)
  13. • You can now set the date / time of the xxter through date / time telegrams as well, for example if you have a KNX GPS device, and no internet time available.
  14. • The logic schematics you have made are now available as a preview on when you "hover" above the schematic, and you can now see which logic block are loaded in the xxter itself by opening the scripts page on the web interface of the xxter.
  15. • The device does not support TLS 1.0 and 1.1 anymore, so old app verions might not work anymore. (Security improvement)
  16. • BREEAM: new table and chart option: weeks per year period added.
  17. • New image element for image pages.
  18. • Support for animated GIF images, for e.g. the new image element
  19. • To recognize the different mobile devices and windows/mac clients better, you can now change the device name in the app under preferences.
  20. • Many bug fixes
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