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Is there any other use for Groups in Pairot configuration except for "linking devices" (and well, to group stuff in the configurator) ? And what does linking devices do ?

The doc says: "Components that belong to one device should be linked together. This can be done by creating a linking group (via Add group) and moving the components to that group."
The picture shows 2 different switching GAs.

Is this just an alternative to having grouped at another level ?

I.e. if two lamps, controlled by two relays, have to be switched always together, one could group electrically by connecting the two lamps to a single relay.
One could also group at KNX level, by assigning to the 2 relays "switching" command the same GA.
Pairot offers a third possibility for Homekit use (using a group and linking devices).


  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    Hi Fred,
    When the devices are grouped and the option "Devices are linked" is activated for the group, the devices are linked in Homekit. This means that when a device in such a group is moved to another room in Homekit, the other devices in that (Pairot) group are moved to the same room as well.
    Furthermore, grouping devices (without the "devices are linked" option) in the Pairot project provides a way to create a better overview.
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