Non-intuitive date placement on axis of graphs

KJ RusscherKJ Russcher Gebruiker, Specialist
The ticks on the x-axis in the 3-day view in the graphs do not correspond with a fixed time (for instance 00:00 or 12:00). For clarification I added two screenshots. On one you see the days, for instance 11 Apr. In the second screenshot you can see that 11 Apr corresponds with 11th of April at 11:00. This is very inconvenient as you cannot track the temperature over the course of the day. I think that fixing the dates to the start of the day (so 11 Apr is 11 Apr at 00:00) would be much better.


  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    April 2019 aangepast
    The measurement points in the graph are rounded and the graph is dynamic, it adjusts itself to the data it receives and it will display the current time period.
    What you are using in the screenshot is the zoomed in (with pinch zoom) version as far as I can tell. The pinch zoom can be used to view the graph in more detail. If you zoom in further you should see more precisely what time the measurement point was taken.
    I will add your comment to the feature request list to see if it is possible to create an option to let the graph start at the beginning of the day. This will not be on short term however.
    Thank you for your input!
  • KJ RusscherKJ Russcher Gebruiker, Specialist
    Yes, one of the screenshot is the zoomed in graph to show that the day does not start at 00:00. It is dynamic and as far as I can see now, the start of today is defined as the previous whole hour (when I look now, the day starts at 16:00).
    Thank you for adding it to the feature request list, we will see when it is added;)
  • Ivo JanschIvo Jansch Gebruiker, Specialist
    A +1 from me on this request. It’s very difficult to map the line to a moment in the day without first zooming in to see where the day started. A quick glance to see ‘was it hot around noon’ is usually followed by ‘hmm, I have no idea where noon is in the graph’.
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