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Rui PonteRui Ponte Gebruiker, Specialist

As it is not included in the manuals (???) I would like to know the functionalities of the following options when you add a KNX component:
- Allow in scenarios and schedulers
- Auto. add status groups
- Jump to component

Thanks in advance


  • Harm ElzingaHarm Elzinga xxter medewerker
    Hi Rui,

    These are options in how you want to add the group-address (or addresses) to be added to the component list.

    When you select the "allow in scenarios and schedulers" option, this "checkbox" will be checked in the component list when added. When this checkbox is checked, you will be able to use the component in a scheduler (clock program) or a xxter scenario. For lights etc. you would normally want this checked. For other components you probably don't want that checked. (alarm components, etc)

    The "Auto. add status groups" function, will automatically search in the KNXproj configuration for status groups which in most cases you want to be added. For example a central on/off of a room group address which is linked to the actuator will in that case automatically be added to the status group addresses of the component.

    The "jump to component" option, will (if enable) scroll your project down to the component you just added when you do so. When adding a lot of components after each other this can be annoying, so you can it that case disable the option.

    Hope this clarifies these options.
  • Rui PonteRui Ponte Gebruiker, Specialist
    Yes it clarifies. Many thanks Harm!
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