Rediscover in Alexa

I am struggling to get Alexa to rediscover new components.

I am adding a component (switch) to my project in group "Kitchen" and do "Load configuration" into Pairot.
The new component shows up in the Pairot app, but Alexa does not find the new switch,
The Pairot manual specifically says (bottom of page 12) : "In case new components are added to Pairot in a later stage, you can use the Discover option in the Alexa app, to make these available for Alexa".
Well, there is now "Discover" option in the Alexa option.
How do I get Alexa to learn the new component ??
(yes, I can delete the skill and then reload+re-link - but that can not be the right way I hope.....)


  • Harm Elzinga
    Harm Elzinga Administrator
    Hi Christian,

    Amazon has moved this option already for several times. Go to "Devices" tab, next select + at the top, select "Add Device" next.
    Scroll completely down, select "Other", Select "Wifi".
    Here you have at the bottom a "Discover Devices" button, which should also do a discover on any linked Alexa skill.
    I hope this works in your case.