AI future

We went from domotica with wall buttons, to app driven (XXTER), to voice driven (Pairot). Now I want to go to AI driven, with AI that speaks to me about the house. Maybe with sensors or beakons that it knows in what room I am. I think this will be available soon.


  • Freek-Jan Buijsman
    Freek-Jan Buijsman Administrator

    It's great to see your enthusiasm for the evolution of smart home technology! XXTER has indeed been a fantastic step forward in app-driven home automation. The shift from traditional control methods to app-based and voice-driven systems with Pairot has already transformed how we interact with our homes.

    The next leap to AI-driven systems, where the AI can converse with you and understand your location through sensors or beacons, is an exciting frontier. XXTER is well-positioned to be part of this next wave of innovation. By leveraging AI, XXTER could potentially offer even more seamless and personalized control over your home environment, learning your habits and preferences to provide intelligent suggestions and automation.

    This vision of a truly smart home, where the system anticipates your needs and interacts with you naturally, is becoming more achievable every day. Stay tuned for updates from XXTER. The future of home automation is promising and just around the corner!

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