Code 203, import failure

I get an error code when trying to upload the project into the unit. The unit is connected to the LAN but not to the KNX bus (anyway I tried also when connected to both obtaining same result). When I try to import the ETS4-generated-project into the unit, I get the message: Upload of configfile failed: code 203.
Could you please provide some advice of steps to check/follow?

Many thanks in advance. BR, /Victor


  • Hi Victor,
    If I understand correctly you get an error when uploading your ETSfile to the unit, a Pairot if I,m correct.

    Two things are important here.
    1. The ETSfile needs to be uploaded via and not via the local IP of the unit. In order to do this you need to have registered the unit first, see link to the manual below.

    2. The ETSfile has to be a .knxproj file, the older formats will not work.

    The Pairot configuration video is to be found here:

    More information on xxter and Pairot is to be found here:

    Kind regards,

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