Error: Could not make a connection. (CL85)


i'm using xxter Pairot (Voice in germany) and it is working befor the las days fine. But now Alexa didn't execute the commands and
if I make at the local xxter Pairot device an Internet test or update the configuration, I get the message "Could not make a connection. (CL85)".
After this I make a factory reset and I have the same CL85-message.
I could open the local xxter Pairot device site, so I think the network is OK. And I could also reach the xxter website, so the Internet should be OK too.

But what's going wrong? I need some help...



  • No one an idea? :(
    Is it possible to jump back to an older firmware? Because I think, after the firmareupdate I get this message:
    Current version: 1.4.3
    Update of firmware failed.
    Could not make a connection. (CL85)

    or if I try to update the configuration:
    Synchronizing configuration failed

    Error during synchronizing configuration.
    Error message: Could not make a connection. (CL85)
  • Harm ElzingaHarm Elzinga xxter medewerker
    Hi Axel,

    This seems like a DNS error. Can you try changing the DNS to / on the basic settings page? That might help.
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