Voice commands for Homekit, Alexa & Google Home

Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
September 2020 aangepast in Algemeen
Updated: 02-09-2020
An overview of working voice commands.


  • Now, Google Assistant works in Spanish, so I have changed the language in my Mini-Assistant wich was bought in UK and voilá, "She" speaks Spanish, with news, Maps, etc.
    I have created a project in Pairot KNX Bridge with the Google option and I can see in Home App the 3 devices that I made in the "Control de la casa" directory.
    But when I talk to "Mini" with turn on or turn off commands (encender y apagar), she says "I can't help you, but I'm learning (No puedo ayudarte, pero estoy aprendiendo)".
    Also to check the connection between Pairot and Google, I made a new dimmer and in the App it appear but Home recomends to add in a "zone".
    Anyone can help me, please?
  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    Hello Domingo,

    For now the Spanish language is not working on Pairot yet. Every supported language has to be certified by Google first. We have requested Google for certification for Spanish and are awaiting their answer.
    As soon as I know more I will let you know.

    As for you other question about creating a new dimmer. It is correct that Google recommends a zone. This is however not obligatory. It is handy to have all devices assigned to zones (bedroom, living room etc) however. This allows you to turn on or off all devices in a zone at once.

    Kind regards,

  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    Hi Domingo,

    Thx for the info.
    I understand that Google Home supports Spanish. The Pairot however does not (yet) support Spanish.
    I expect and hope that Pairot will be allowed to use Spanish in a week or so.
    We have to wait for Google's approval for this.
    Kind regards,
  • Hi Freek-Jan,

    Today I've been testing Pairot with a Google Home Mini bought here in Spain and it works very good. In the project I have the Pairot gateway working with HomeKit and Google Assistant at the same time.
    The devices "dimmers, blinds, thermostats, switches and push buttons" I've configured are shown in HomeKit and they work, but in the case of Google Asistant, although they work and I can manage most of them, BLINDS don't appear in the Google Home APP.
    Could you tell me something about that?

    Thank you very much.
  • Harm ElzingaHarm Elzinga xxter medewerker
    Helle Domingo,

    That is indeed correct, currently Google does not support blinds in their smart home actions. We hope they will add that soon, so we can implement them.

    On our website: https://www.xxter.com/pairot/en/
    There is a table with which accessories are supported currently by which assistant.

    Of course we are working on next software updates which include more accessory types, but we need the assistants to support them as well.
  • Hello Harm, is it still correct Google doesn't support blinds or curtanins?
    This link suggests that Google does support blinds?

    FYI, my config:
    Google Home/XXter/Pairot/KNX Bridge, Theben rme8t switch actor
  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    September 2018 aangepast
    Hello Rene,
    Google does not yet (officially) support this.
    The link to the site shows an example that is most likely based on a dimmer component.
    Pairot can also be configured like this. How to do this is being talked about here.
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