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Ivo JanschIvo Jansch Gebruiker, Specialist
I configured a few receiver groups in the profile settings. One for myself, one for each member of the household, one group for everyone. I would expect to be able to use this group as part of the result of actions etc (when motion detected, run scenario and send push notification). However the ability to send a push doesn’t appear anywhere. How do I use these receiver groups?


  • The receiver groups are used to create a group with multiple receivers for push notification, email or sms. When you have multiple profiles and/or alert services, this allows for easier maintenance. After a group has been created, it can be used in alert services.
    The receiver groups can be found on, after you select your device.
    To configure the alert services go to, select your device and select a profile.
  • ijanschijansch Gebruiker, Specialist
    Ah so they can only be used for the paid alert services? They are a bit expensive for proper use. I think I'll use a custom apns script then via an http call.
  • The alert service is free of charge. The only paid service is the sms service, Email and Push notifications are free.
  • Ivo JanschIvo Jansch Gebruiker, Specialist
    Ah, excellent.

    Can I make a feature request that the alert service alerts can also be invoked from an action? E.g. an action could be 'turn on the light' and 'send an alert'.
  • This is also possible.
    Go to the alert service, and look for "Conditions (any will trigger the alert)"
    Choose "Component" in the dropdown menu next to "Condition:" and choose the component you want.
    You can even select multiple components.
    It's also possible to trigger an alert from scripts, so you can select more conditions (if then else or above, below values from multiple components)
  • Ivo JanschIvo Jansch Gebruiker, Specialist
    Yes but still, an action is way more sophisticated than a component. I can have an action with various triggers and conditional, using brackets, and this is not possibke via the alert service. So being able to select an alert or receiver Group as part of the action configuration would give more flexibility.
  • Freddy van GeelFreddy van Geel Specialist
    February 2019 aangepast
    That's also possible when you use scripts.
    A script can check different variables, of different components in AND, OR statements, time, equations and much more.
    The manual for scripts is to be found here:
    In the script you can invoke the push notification.
    You can even use variables from a script in the notification you receive, when you want to use it as an alarm..
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