Release notes 2.10

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Release notes 2.10

- xxter Beacons and NFC support. (See seperate manual on the documentation webpage)
- RTSP camera support (not through the xxter connect service at this moment)
- New LUA functions:
xxter.getSunAzimuth() Get the current sun angle, in relation to north (direction)
xxter.getSunAltitude() Get the current sun angle, in relation to the horizon (altitude)
- Philips Hue API extension (Groups and multiple bridges)
- New presence / away detection with xxter beacons (see manual)
- New confirm option for the dooropener function for intercoms. (On the camera element on the page)
- Long push can now trigger a “learn scenario”. (This functionality must first be enabled on the scene button on the page)
- New “use alternative DNS” option, this can be useful when the standard DNS of the provider does not always work correctly.
- Firmware: Auto logoff from web interface
- Firmware: on the status page the connect service status is now shown
- Firmware: Several security improvements
- my.xxter: on the user settings page, the previous login details are shown: time and IP address
- my.xxter: when local users, employee users are changed or the password or email-address of a user is changed, the user will receive a notice that there is something changed by email.
- my.xxter: New device overview online
- my.xxter: New project overview online
- Many other improvements, like updated libraries
- Bugfixes
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