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Release notes 3.0

- Complete new design available, in several color schemes
In the preferences settings of the app, you can now select a different design with several color schemes.
This new design also supports dark-mode, and can switch automatically between light and dark mode on iOS and Android.
- Group header element for list pages.
Using the portal, group headers can now added to list pages, to clarify different parts of a page.
- Date/time element is now available for image pages.
- Variable text element is now available for image pages.
- Support for multiple accounts (more than 5)
- New account selection screen
- Updates for the firmware will be displayed in the account selection screen.
- You can now update the firmware from within the app. (Settings -> firmware update)
This is only possible when the a firmware version of 3.0 or higher is already installed. (so for future updates)
- Image pages have a new option to select if (and what kind of) frame you want to use around your foreground image.
- Several icons will now automatically change to other icons when using the new design.
- Introduction screen
- HTTPS support for Doorbird intercoms
- Firmware system settings: several new countries have been added
- Apps: Spanish language added
- Several bugfixes.
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