Stateless button not working

I want to use the stateless button with short press and long press functionality.
In my xxter project I assigned a status group and loaded the project to my pairot device.

Then in Home Kit I assigned the actions for long and single press. Double press I don't wanna use at the moment.

But now, when I press the button in homeKit app, it always shows me the configuration page for this element.

Did I missunderstood the use of "stateless button" or how can I achieve the expected behaviour, e.g.:
single press -> switch1 on
long press -> switch 2 on

best regards


  • Harm ElzingaHarm Elzinga xxter medewerker
    Hello Patrick,

    The state's switch is for use the other way around: for example if you have simple pushbuttons in your KNX installation which do not have a status value. (this could be used for a door bell push button, for example). So when the button is pressed (in real life, so a KNX telegram) you can in HomeKit tell what should happen. So the press in the Home app from Apple will not trigger this behavior.
    I do not think Apple has an element which can be used as "single / long press" in one button.
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