Release notes xxter update 3.3.0

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27 March aangepast in Release notes - xxter
Release notes xxter update 3.3.0

Four major features added:
- OCPP car charger support
- New logic module
- Weather element in the apps
- Two new colour themes have been added to the apps

Changes in the firmware
- Support for OCPP (see below)
- KNXnet/IP improvements for ETS programming (e.g. priority has been improved)
- Firmware updates can now be installed automatically. You can set up a time as of which this is allowed, for example 3:00 at night. The update (when available) will be installed between this time and two hours after this time. Please note that automatic firmware updates will be available some time after they are available for manual installation.
- Firmware update function now has an option to automatically reboot the device after installation
- Several bugfixes

Changes in the apps
- Support for Weather forecast element
- Support for Sonos album cover element
- Support for a compact Sonos control for image pages.
- Thermostat control with V2 project and shift values, the change will now be send immediately instead of in many steps.
- In the service store, there is now a link to manage subscriptions. This is shown when you have an active subscription.
- Several bugfixes

Changes on
- You can now select the themes to the preview of the page online, as well as see how it will look like on a tablet.
- Logic editor and simulator added (a separate manual is available, on the documentation page)
- New option to edit only a group in the components list.
- New context menu (right click) when editing list pages
- Project conversion from xxter V2 projects to Pairot projects has improved
- Project conversion from Pairot to xxter V2 has been added
- New component type added: DPT 6.010 with also allows status group addresses with DPT 3.007
- You can now use internal addresses in the components of the project. (I:123)
- Improved switching between profile and project
- Improvements on the images and icons section
- Several small improvements

Please note the Windows and Mac app updates are not yet available, they will be soon.

OCPP Car Charger

This module allows a Wallbox car charger to be linked to the xxter!

More information about OCPP can be found on our website: Additional comfort (on the bottom of the page)

And we have a separate OCPP manual available: manual
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