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Rui PonteRui Ponte Gebruiker, Specialist

On manual is mentioned that "When using an alternative port number, this should also be explicitly added when configuring the xxter app." so where should I do it?

I meanwhile used 2199 but I have no access to the intercom over it. Any suggestion?


  • Freek-Jan BuijsmanFreek-Jan Buijsman xxter medewerker
    Port 2199 is the secure application port for the xxter app. This is only used to be able to control the home externally via the xxter app. This port does not also forward intercom traffic.
    What is meant by "this should explicitly be added" is in case you want to use a different port number as the secure application port, for example 2200. This should be added to the "IP or host external" field in the xxter app. e.g. or

    Please check the manual of your intercom to see what ports need to be forwarded to use the intercom externally.
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